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Where are the Minecraft files stored?

On Android Devices

You can find the files that store the Minecraft world in the Internal storage (or sdcard) /games /com.mojang /minecraftWorlds /(world code - select the most recent one) /db. Upload all files in the db folder (with the extension .ldb and others).

If you are trying to get the files from the phone by connecting it to the PC, you may need to copy them on the PC first, and upload them here afterwards (the browser cannot open multiple files directly from the phone connected to the PC).

Minecraft for Windows 10

The easiest way is to export the world in a location that you know (start Minecraft for Windows 10 -> Play. Press the pen button to edit the world. Scroll down in the "Game settings" and click the button Export World). Remember where you have saved the file and upload it here (it should be a file with the same name as your world and the extension mcworld).

Alternatively, you can find the files that store the Minecraft world in the folder C:\ Users\ (your pc username)\ AppData\ Local\ Packages\ Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ LocalState\ games\ com.mojang\ minecraftWorlds\ (world code - select the most recent one)\ db. Upload all files in the db folder (with the extension .ldb and others).

Minecraft Java Edition

Click Browse, and in the File Upload dialog type %appdata%\.minecraft in the field for File Name. This will open the Minecraft folder, somewhere on C:\ Users\ your_user_name\ AppData\ Roaming\ .minecraft.

Go to saves\ your_world_name\ region and select all .mca files (for Overworld). For Nether you need to go to saves\ your_world_name\ DIM-1\ region and select all .mca files, and for End the files are in saves\ your_world_name\ DIM1\ region.

What is Mine View?

Ever wanted to find new things in your Minecraft game world - hidden mines, or rare resources? Or just find your way home?

Mine View can help you find them. Mine View is a tool for 3D navigation of the Minecraft world, showing the map, underground structures and the most important resources.

How the surface landscape looks in the application

The surface landscape

Underground mines and caves in the application, highlighting resources (diamond ore)

Underground mines and resources

Map of the dimension in the application

Map of the dimension with the explored patches

You just need to upload the game files, then you can start to analyze your world. Please the section above about where to find the files where Minecraft is saving the world data.

You can rotate the view to find the best viewpoint (just click and drag), pan (using the right button) and zoom using the mouse wheel. On mobile devices use a two-finger gesture to pan and zoom.

You can choose to display the surface, the caves (all empty spaces under the surfaces) or underwater landscape (the seabed). You can also choose a resource (like Diamond Ore, or Ancient Debris) and the system will highlight the location of those resources.

Use the arrows to move across the world. Click Map to toggle the map view. In the Map view you can click on a location to quickly jump to that location.

The map is initially black, showing just the overall structure of the world. You need to navigate to a specific location in order to see the detailed map of the area.

If present in the game files, Mine View will show also the Nether and the End – just click on the last button to switch between dimensions.

Limitations of the tool:

  • The game files uploaded on the server will be stored no more than 24 hours. The system resources for storing game files are finite, please do not abuse the server.
  • You can upload game files no bigger than 200Mb.


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